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Vietnam Visa Extension

In case you are staying in Vietnam and your visa is about to expire, you are advised to have your visa extended so that you would not get any trouble staying and leaving Vietnam.Vietnam visa extension

Currently, we assist clients in Vietnam visa extension with the easy steps as follows:

- Submit your scanned original passport pages containing Vietnam visa to  Please do note that we need this info to check in the immigration database before giving you the best advice.

- Receive the detailed advice on the necessary documents as well as fee for extending your Vietnam visa.

- Wait  a few days to get your passport returned with new visa stamped.


You can submit your passport yourselves; send through express service of post office (if you are not in Hanoi); or use our collecting and delivering service (USD 3 within Hanoi city).

Please refer to page contact us to get the address our office to submit your passport for visa extension 

Visa extension/renewal fee depends much on your current visa type, number of Vietnam Visas you already had, and where you picked you your visa. It also depends on your legal record and residence record in Vietnam (All can be tracked at Vietnam Immigration’s Database.)

Below is the fee quotation some typical visa type:

Current Visa Type

Extension/Renewal Type

Processing Time

Fee (USD)


1 month single

3-5 business days




3 month multiple


5-7 business days


B3 (picked up at Vietnam airports)

3 month single


B3 (picked up at Vietnam airports)

3 month multiple


B3 (Picked at Vietnam Embassy abroad)

3 month single


B3 (Picked at Vietnam Embassy abroad)

3 month multiple



Notices for Vietnam Visa extension and renewal:

1. As the process may take a whole week, you are advised to get your visa extended at least one week earlier than the expire date of your current visa

2. This visa extension/renewal is only applicable for tourist visa (1 month single/multiple) or business visa (3 months single/ multiple):

- For tourist visa (1 month single/multiple entry visa): renewable to 1 month or 3 months single/multiple entry visa

- For business visa (3 month single/multiple entry visa) : renewable to 1 month or 3 months single/multiple entry visa

3. For Diplomatic, Official visas, and the other visa are to be applied at your organization or business sponsor, or directly contact with Vietnam Immigration Department

For further information about Vietnam Visa extension, please contact us

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