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Apply Vietnam visa online
 Vietnam visa approval code


Vietnam visa Code is a legal document issued by Vietnam Immigration Department. It allows foreigners having this issued approved code to get Vietnam Visa stamped (per request) at Vietnam Embassy which the applicant(s) registered when they applying for Vietnam visa code online.Applying for Vietnam visa code

1. Who should apply for Vietnam Visa approval Code?

As going to Vietnam Embassy is somehow time-wasting for almost people. Besides, the procedures as well as the cost is much more complicated and higher-charged than getting Vietnam visa online, getting visa approval code is only recommended for those who travel to Vietnam via land or sea crossing borders. This is because the Vietnamese land and sea borders do not issue Vietnam Visa on arrival. Those who travel by air to Vietnam have an advantage of getting Vietnam Visa Approval letter to stamp Vietnam Visa on arrival at Vietnam airport.

2. How to apply for Vietnam Visa code?

-        Get your Vietnam Visa code application at Vietnam Visa application page or send the online request for Vietnam visa approval code

-        Receive the approval code for yourselves via email after 1 or 2 working days after your final confirmation of application and payment.

-        Get the visa code printed out and bring it together with applicants’ passport to Vietnam Embassy, here Vietnam visa will be stamped onto your passport.

3. Notice when applying for Vietnam Visa code:

-Before applying for Vietnam visa code, besides considering carefully the visa types, the estimated arrival date should be well-planned, the date of arrival should be your earliest estimated date.

-  Please think twice on which Embassy you are going to pick up your Vietnam Visa in case you are going to travel to another country. Your visa approval code will be no longer valid if you register one Embassy then bring the code to another Embassy to get visa stamped

- Vietnam Visa approval code is a letter (bearing a unique code) from Vietnam Immigration Department, so it can be sent via email, faxed to the Embassy where you are going to get your visa.

- At Embassy of Vietnam, you pay the stamping fee to the staff in charge that stamp visa for you.

- In emergency cases such as you do not have much time, or you are in rush to catch up your scheduled flight but you forgot to apply for visa beforehand, you are recommended to use Vietnam visa on arrival which secure you to get visa at arrival airport in Vietnam.

For further information about Vietnam visa approval code, please feel free to contact us via or hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33. 

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