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Apply Vietnam visa online
 Vietnam visa online for Czech Republic citizens

In order to come to Vietnam for visiting, doing business or studying, Czech Republic citizens need to have a legal document named Vietnam visa. In the previous time, the only way for Czech Republic citizens in particular and other citizens in general to have visa is applying at embassy of Vietnam. However, at present, with constructive changes of visa policy, Czech Republic citizens are available to get visa through online method. In the other words, Vietnam visa online for Czech Republic citizens is eligible. 

   1.   Where can Czech Republic citizens apply for visa online?

One of many advantages of visa online is convenient. For specific, this visa type is applicable to apply from anywhere. This means that Czech Republic citizens can get visa online while you are in any country. Or you even can apply for Vietnam visa online while you are travelling to another country. Currently, visa online is applied for both Czech Republic people using land/sea and people using airway to Vietnam.  

   2.   How to complete applying online procedure for Czech Republic citizens?

In order to complete procedure of applying online, Czech Republic citizens are required to find out a visa agent in Vietnam to help. The agent then will be your guarantee, your assistance and your representative. They will request an issued pre-approved visa from Vietnam Immigration Department on your behalf. This pre-approved document is necessary to pick up official visa at the embassy or airport. Because of the importance of this document, applying procedure needs to be completed carefully. At first, Czech Republic people should search website of the agent on the internet. After that, you access to the website and then the applying page. There, you need to complete Vietnam visa application online with required personal information and information of needed visa type. You then need to follow directions of the system to send payment for visa approval fee. This fee is service fee that you must pay to the agent to approve visa approval letter or visa approval code for you. After sending the payment, you should wait at least two business days as this is normal processing time for a visa online request. A Vietnam visa approval letter or a Vietnam visa approval code with red seal of the Immigration Department will appear in your email after processing time.

   3.   What are documents to get visa at Vietnam embassy after applying?

After completing online procedure, Czech Republic people travelling through land or sea way need to go your registered embassy of Vietnam to have your visa. Of course, getting visa at the embassy requires some documents:

Your original passport. It is notice that only passport with six months of validity and two while pages are acceptable.

Your issued visa approval code

Two photos with size of 4x6 centimeter

And a visa application that promulgated by the embassy

   4.   What are documents to get visa at Vietnam airport after applying?

Similar to pick up visa at the embassy, required documents are necessary in case Czech Republic citizens wishing to get visa at the airport. For specific, you must have passport, issued visa approval letter, your photos and an application for entry and exit Vietnam that you can receive together with the visa letter.

   5.   What are difference between Vietnam embassy visa and getting visa online at embassy?

Actually, both two applying ways require Czech Republic citizens to go directly to the embassy for getting visa. However, there are some differences between them as below:

It takes a longer time to request a visa in person at the embassy without getting visa approval code beforehand. This is because the embassy needs much more time to check your information and issue visa for you.

Getting embassy visa directly, applicants can go to any embassy. Meanwhile, you must visit exact embassy of Vietnam that noted in your visa approval code to get official visa.

According to feedback of our customers, applying for visa code in advance helps them to save money when getting visa as the visa fee in case of picking in person at the embassy is often higher.

For further information about Vietnam visa online for Czech Republic citizens, please send an email to or make a call to our hotline number (84) 975 85 66 33.  

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