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Apply Vietnam visa online
 Vietnam visa online for Ukraine citizens

Like citizens of many European countries on the world, Ukraine citizens must get a visa to enter and spend any time in Vietnam. Currently, using online method to have visa is applied for Ukraine citizens. So what is procedure to apply for this visa type in particular and what is Vietnam visa online for Ukraine citizens in general. 

   1.   Why is visa online for Ukraine citizens?

In fact, Ukraine citizens in particular and other citizens in general do not use Vietnam embassy visa to have visa since visa online was applied. This is because visa online method brings to applicants many advantages that embassy visa does not have.

Visa online is faster: in the previous time, Ukraine people must spend at least 5 days except Saturday and Sunday at embassy of Vietnam to submit your visa request and wait for visa processing. Meanwhile, the total waiting time is only two working days if you apply for visa on arrival online or three business days in case Ukraine citizens get visa code online.

Visa online is more convenient: for those who apply for Vietnam visa on arrival online, you can get official visa when arriving international airport of Vietnam. You do not need to go to any embassy before entering to Vietnam to send visa request.   

Visa online is cheaper: according to feedback of many customers, visa fee is one of many reasons why they choose visa online as they can save quite money if using online method.

   2.   What is online procedure for Ukraine citizens?

As usual, in order to get visa online, Ukraine citizens must implement two main procedures namely applying online for pre-approved visa and stamping official visa.

In the first procedure, Ukraine citizens will be guaranteed and helped by a visa agent in Vietnam like Being your guarantee, this agent will represent you to submit your visa request to Vietnam Immigration Department and complete their entire requirement. What Ukraine citizens must do is really simple with the agent’s help. You just need to visit website of the agent and then fill in Vietnam visa application online by following specific directions of the agent. Normally, you just need to spend a few minutes completing this application. Then, Ukraine people can pay visa approval fee. If you have PayPal account, you are recommended sending payment through PayPal. Or you also can use Western Union, Bank Transfer to transfer your money.  The Immigration Department needs two working days as the longest to issue pre-approved Vietnam visa for Ukraine. Right after receiving the pre-approved document from the Department, the agent will send to your email immediately. The pre-approved visa should be printed out and kept in safe place with your passport and come to implement the next procedure

To complete stamping procedure, Ukraine citizens must go to embassy of Vietnam if you get visa code online. At the embassy that you have registered, you must submit your passport, issued Vietnam visa approval code, visa application, photos and stamping fee to staff in charge. They will check everything and then stamp an official visa onto your passport. At one of three international airport of Vietnam, an approved Vietnam visa approval letter, your original passport, stamping fee and application for entry and exit Vietnam glued photos need to be shown to immigration officer at landing visa counter to get official visa.

With a visa stamped onto passport, Ukraine citizens are available to depart for Vietnam at any time during your visa’s valid duration

   3.   Is there any difference regarding visa online for Ukraine citizens in 2015?

There are some changes regarding purpose of visa and visa approval fee for three month multiple entries visa that applied for Ukraine citizens as well as citizens of other countries. For specific, since 2015 any visa request will be issued as Vietnam tourist visa by the Immigration Department. Thus, although you apply for visa with business visa, you will receive a tourist visa. About visa approval fee, to get three month multiple visa, Ukraine citizens must pay USD 80/person.    

In brief, online method not only helps Ukraine citizens to have visa to Vietnam in the fastest, simplest and easiest way, but also helps them to save a lot of money.  

In case you have any question, feedback or comment about Vietnam visa online for Ukraine citizens, please send an email to or call to hotline number (84) 975 85 66 33. 

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