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Apply Vietnam visa online
 Vietnam visa online for Hungary citizens

Hungary is not in the Vietnam visa exemption list. Thus, these citizens must get a visa in case you want to visit and stay in Vietnam. In the previous time, getting visa at embassy of Vietnam is the sole way to have visa. However, in recent year, most foreigners change to use a new visa type-visa online to get visa to Vietnam. In order to more understand about Vietnam visa online for Hungary citizens, you can note down following information.

   1.   What are the differences between visa online and visa embassy?

 Both two applying ways help Hungary people to have a Vietnam visa to visit the country. With embassy visa, Hungary must obtain visa directly without any assistance at the embassy of your resident country. Meanwhile, using visa online, you need to complete applying online procedure before getting official visa. By doing this, you will receive an assistance from a visa agent in your applying procedure. This makes your applying procedure easier and simpler.

   2.   Can Hungary citizens apply for visa online in their country?

Yes, absolutely, Hungary citizens can apply for visa online from Hungary or any other countries all over the world. To get visa online, what Hungary people need at first is an internet-connected device (smart phone, computer, laptop, or ipad) and a website of a visa agent like After completing applying online procedure, you can go to embassy of Vietnam in Hungary as following information to get official:

City: Budapest

Adrdress: 1062 Dhibb, U.29, Budapest, Hungary

Phone number: (00361) 342-5583, 342-9922, 343-0963

Fax:  (00361) 342-5583, 342-9922, 343-0963



Office hour: Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 5:30 

Or Hungary citizens can travel to Vietnam international airport to pick up official visa for Vietnam.

   3.   What are required steps to complete applying online?

Getting visa online must be start by applying online for pre-approved visa. To get this important document, Hungary people must do as four main steps:

Seek on the internet by follow this link

Go to applying pages and complete Vietnam visa application with essential information including your private information and you wanted visa’s details

Move to next steps of sending payment for visa approval fee for processing pre-approved visa. Currently, three payment methods namely PayPal, Bank Transfer, Western Union are available for applicants

Receive the granted pe-approved visa after processing time from the agent. This document is an electronic document, so Hungary people can download it from your email and then print it out

   4.   What are required steps to stamp official visa?

Completing applying online means Hungary people complete a half of the whole procedure. At stamping stage, you should make sure about your place to get visa: embassy of Vietnam or Vietnam international airport. If you get visa at the embassy, documents that you must bring there are original passport, an issued Vietnam visa approval code, photos and a completed visa application. All those things must be submitted to staff working at the embassy together with stamping fee. The staff will check everything and then give you a stamped visa after one or two days later. For those who decide to get visa at one of three international airport of Vietnam (Noi Bai airport, Danang airport, Tan Son Nhat airport), you need to get on board with your passport, issued Vietnam visa approval letter, photos and a application for entry and exit Vietnam. You need to present all those things and stamping fee to immigration officer at visa on arrival counter of the airport. After a short waiting time, you will receive your visa result from the officer.

   5.   What are notices to apply for visa online for Hungary citizens?

Hungary citizens had better note following important things to get visa in the smooth way without any trouble:

Select the right visa online type. Vietnam visa upon arrival is for air travelers, so only Hungary take flight to Vietnam should get this visa type. Visa code is for land/sea travelers, so if you travel to Vietnam by train, bus, car, ship, this visa online type should be used.

Arrange your time to apply for visa soon to save money. The best time for you to get visa is three to five days before your arrival date.

Check carefully the validity of your passport to make sure that is will not invalid in the next six months. In case your passport cannot meet this requirement, you must extend it in at first.

When submitting visa application online, Hungary citizens need to ensure all your personal information must be same as what shown in your passport. This is because with this step, no original document is required.

For further information about Vietnam visa online for Hungary citizens, please send email to or call to hotline number (84) 975 85 66 33. 

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