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Guidance for filling Application for entry and exit Vietnam

The sample of the form can be found here

This form is to those who get Vietnam Visa approval letter through . It should be filled out and well-prepared before you get on board to save your time waiting at Vietnam airport. Following is the detailed guidance for filling this form.

Guidance for filling each item in “Application For Entry and Exit Vietnam”

+No 1: The exact full name of the applicant shown in the passport

+No 2: As exactly as shown in your passport

+No 3: As exactly as shown in your passport

+No 4: The country where you was born

+ No 5: Fill in your nationality at birth and your present nationality

+No 6: Basically, there are three kinds off passport: ordinary passport, diplomatic passport and official passport. The first type (ordinary) is the most common.

+No 7: It is optional that you can leave it blank or fill it, up to your choice

+No 8: Your address or your phone number in your country.

+No 9: This is for those who bring along their children of under 14 only. In this case, the children are not required to have their own form, just have their full name, date of birth and the exact relation with you noted in this item.

+ No 10: Fill your purpose of entry and exit Vietnam

+No 11: Your proposed duration to stay and exit Vietnam (it is better to fill in the validity duration noted in your visa approval letter)

+No 12: Fill in either “single” or “multiple” (according to your issued visa approval letter)

+No 13: Note your port of arrival : Noi Bai (Hanoi, Da Nang (Da Nang City) or Tan Son Nhat (Ho Chi Minh City). and your proposed exit port.

+No 14:
- “Done at”: Note your port of arrival (this form is normally on checking Vietnam airport)
- “On” : Fill in the date of your arrival

+ The notice footer: As this form is going to be submitted to Vietnam Immigration Officer at Vietnam airport (on arrival). Please do not forget to print it out, fill in, and bring along with you to get on board. (Not sending to any Vietnam Embassy as your visa type is visa upon arrival).

Should you have any further concerns, please kindly read FAQ or please do not hesitate to contact our support team:

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- Hotline number (24/24 hour per day) : (84).943.25 25 52
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